The risks posed within the E&S arena are more diverse and challenging than ever, but Avondale remains dedicated to providing consistent, market-leading capacity to our wholesale clients. Avondale's underwriting platform combines proprietary catastrophe modeling and risk assessment tools with a professional, property only, underwriting staff. Our underwriters use decades of experience to provide our wholesale clients with the creative and comprehensive coverage solutions required to succeed.

Avondale is not encumbered by big company bureaucracy, allowing us to move quickly as the needs of our clients change. We understand that even as technology changes our business, it will always remain rooted in relationships and will thrive when we are aligned with our clients in a common goal.

It's important to us that our clients can take their relationship with Avondale to the bank over a period of years and know that when the market once again invariably hits a crisis point, we'll be there for those partners that have supported us. This commitment is underscored by our capacity partners who year after year have extended additional authority and support to us.- Danny Hinchliffe,

Standard Submission Requirements:

  • A standard ACORD application or equivalent must be received for each new risk written and include all relevant information necessary to support the Avondale underwriter's decision.
  • Risk inspections will be performed on all new accounts and at a minimum every three years thereafter. Any accounts whose physical premises are unsuitable, per the risk inspection, will be addressed by underwriting.
  • Three years of loss runs are required on all accounts written. If not available, confirmation of the loss history must be received in writing.
  • Business may be quoted up to 60 days in advance of inception.